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Xbox live is an interesting and illustrious gaming console introduced by Microsoft. This game allows the players to access multiple players and multiple games, have voice chat, send and receive text messages and many more. Xbox live comes in 2 different versions, while one is the Xbox live Silver and the other one is Xbox Live Gold. Both of these Xbox service will grant a 3 to 12 month service. This gaming package will come along with interesting gaming equipments along with 1 free xbox live arcade games. The cost of xbox live codes differ from one country to another but one thing assured, they are definitely expensive to buy.

Not every one of us can afford the cost of xbox live codes, hence the reason many of us go freaky in finding the free xbox live codes. Internet is one of the prominent gateway which gives you instant access to find plenty of gaming websites, where you can find free xbox live gold codes. On the other hand, there are many games which even offer free xbox live codes while you buy them. Those games will be very affordable to spend and some of the games will include Battlefield 2, Stars Wars Battlefront, Modern Combat & Kingdom Under Fire Heroes. All these games will ask for a subscription fee after the 48 hours trail period.


There are some gaming websites which will offer you 2 months trial offer, where you can enjoy playing with the free xbox live gold. For this you merely need a high-end computer along with a fast internet connection. For accessing xbox live gold, you first need to mark down the code from the free xbox live code generator. When the trial period gets over, you will be asked to renew the membership. In case if you are not ready to spend money to renew your membership, then quit from the gaming site and try to find something new that offers free xbox once again to play.
Microsoft subscribers will get a better chance and additional advantage to find the free xbox live codes. Though Microsoft doesn’t offer freebies very often, they occasionally give the free games for a defined duration of time. It might sound to be difficult to get the free xbox live code generator but the task is quite simple, when you make extensive research in the internet.

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