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You’re a big fan of xbox? Great! Then I suggest you have the newest xbox live version which is the xbox live gold. Why? Because, here it comes, xbox live gold allow you to do these; player vs player online, download content from the xbox live market, use specialized matchmaking to play against player of similar skill, multiplayer chat, watch Netflix instant streaming content and ESPN, and get access to demos and other content which the usual members can’t have. Uber cool huh!

But huh, what did you say? You don’t have money to buy xbox live gold? Fret not because I know how to get yourself a free xbox live gold! Yeah, you just need to say good bye to your xbox a while and say hello to your computer and surf on the internet from there. Let me tell you that there are so many website out there and the owner took the liberty to post free xbox live gold for you. God, bless this generous people. Some of them do it for advantage though, but not extreme, if you encounter a person who owned this kind of website then they will require you to do simple work like registration, gathering points by their rules, and lastly you can trade your points with your prize, in this case is our most wanted xbox live gold!

Want to hear other good news? I am done with the xbox live gold explanation but I haven’t finish. If you want to stick with your usual live xbox it’s fine, it’s your choice, but of course in some situation you will also need credits to keep your xbox running, right? Like the previous, I know how to get you free xbox live codes and the procedure is the same like how you get the xbox live. You can even get the codes by using free trials from some game, or by waiting Microsoft give away their free gift cards. Then, after you gaining your codes, don’t forget to download free xbox live code generator too, because this generator will help you to redeem your codes and for most case it can help you hack. With this generator you can also generate your money and free codes as much as you want.
Now, it’s all free, I gave you the tips, why don’t you start? Happy gaming players!

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