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Minecraft is a construction game the player needs to construct a sandbox. It was created by Markus person. The players want to construct variety of blocks in a three dimensional.

Form. The player should create the avatar and the avatar will be destroy the blocks or create the blocks. It will form beautiful structure of artworks and play by multiple players. Minecraft class is free to play the game. It was started on May 2009, but the full game is accepted June 2009. But it was officially released date is November 18th 2011.

Minecraft account creation:

First step is sign up so desired user wants to give the username, email address password then login process. Second step is earning gold it is the process to refer friends and get the whole offers for free. Third step is free minecraft shirts and free minecraft accounts and use mine craft. It is hundred percent free to sign up and complete the offers and try to earn gold. After signup you can get more than 49 gold for free to play. Minecraft is a game will not share our information to anyone and it will not erased the details. Credit card is not necessary to create an account.

Minecraft game is fully focused on the creativity mind and how to build the blocks; it is allowed players to make 3d structure. The game contains two types game classic and paid beta.  Classic should be focusing how to build the structure whereas the beta focuses to player requirements and the player health and some features and things. At present the game is fully developed by the beta type model version. It was developed and release hardly one week before. Now beta version is a popular one in mine craft.



Mine craft the game which is useful to develop the creativity mind. It will create some of the building architecture. Children’s are constructing 3d structure with blocks and it is make children to do all kind of creation. It is very difficult to get the result so player’s health and player’s requirement should be fulfilled.



Mine craft is rarely form headache to the players. It will cause eye pain to seeing monitor continuously.


Minecraft should be a number one online game in very near future.



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