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With a pair of free iTunes codes, you can download enough music, videos, and applications to keep you entertained throughout the week. Unlocking stuff is not really a tremendous task, and one does not essentially have to be a geek in order to generate codes that will fetch you something from the iTunes Store. iTunes stands tall as a platform for music sales, with the iPod line dominating the digital music player market. iPods are selling in billions every year, which makes it evident that Apple would intentionally come up with something like iTunes Store, so as to try and make some extra money out of thin air. Where “iProduct” users tend to keep their gadgets loaded with latest releases and favorites, several websites exist who distribute iTunes gift card codes for free, and the transaction marks a give-and-take relationship, where the users are required to fill out short consumer surveys, which eventually earn them these codes.

Why does it have to be this way?

If you’re wondering whether there are any chances of getting your hands on these codes without filling out surveys or without putting equal efforts, then you are off-code. You need to complete the damn surveys to get your free codes, period. If you are looking for a reson or justification to this act, then you probably don’t know that the only source of income for people who host websites or domains, is through advertisements or sponsors. What happens here is that you will be asked to click on a few links, and go about filling out a couple survey, which ideally take about 30 minutes. Completing these surveys earn the site owners enough money to continue their social work.


Ok, do they actually work?

No doubts on that, free iTunes codes do work. Although you might be required to wait in queue, you are guaranteed to get those free codes, and ones that actually contain a value ranging from $15 to $100. And yes, you can actually use them to purchase stuffs from the iTunes Store.

Are there any virus threats or any legal issues?

No. All these codes are being distributed through legitimate means, and there are no possible ways to figure out which codes are generated by unlocking, and those that are actually generated and authorized for sales by Apple. As far as virus attacks are concerned, your codes will be either displayed on the screen, or sent to you via email, or maybe a text file attachment. None of these means pose a threat to virus transfers, and you can breathe free and complete the surveys, and you’ll be bestowed with the reward.

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